"I recently completed training in Conflict Resolution with Rola Mustafa. The training was organized and informative. I not only learned the curriculum, but how to implement it in the workplace. We were encouraged to participate by voicing our own experiences and opinions through thought-provoking prompts. I would definitely recommend this course for positive methods of dealing with conflict"

Sumaira Farooq

"Rola Mustafa offered 4 hours training to our volunteers. The workshop design was well-structured and build fit-for-purpose content. She turns training into a two-way street rather than one-person show. It was very illuminating with enormous amount of new information and skills. Participants were able to absorb and retain new skills through engaging in the training by asking and answering questions, sharing their own experiences, and practicing the new skills."

Rose Chunara

"Rola Mustafa conducted an enlightening session on Conflict Resolution for volunteers. We learnt different perspectives on how to communicate and understand people of different cultures to achieve a win-win situation. We spent time on understanding on how to get from Conflict to Resolution. The session will make me a better mediator by understanding different cultures and how I can apply the learning. As a trainer, Rola was able to provide real life scenarios through her experiences. The group sessions and brainstorming was helpful in understanding the concepts."


"Rola is Knowledgeable and engaging presenter . She leads and excellent respectful discussion giving opportunity for everyone to participate and voice their opinions. she created a great opportunity for sharing of ideas. What is more important than that is the Well organized and culturally tailored useful content that was designed specifically for our organization."

Muhamed W

"Rola is a very good speaker, she encourages everyone to take part . Information provided was valuable. What amazes me the most is the loads of information she provided within the time limit. The many activities we had to do during the session made time fly so fast without recognizing the hours passing by."

Hanin Magribi

"The skills Rola taught in the workshops helped us learn about methods of intervention and prevention of conflict. Learning cultural competency and about unconscious bias helps to deescalate situations before actual conflict occurs."

Robert Shteynpres

"What was very unique about the training delivered by Rola is, that it was all about learning by doing. The exercises, scenarios, and role plays were a significant factor in making the three hours on online very engaging and interactive. session. Rola’s knowledge and calmness was very instrumental in our learning curve throughout the session. She laid out the material and worked through it methodically."


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